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.    Do not switch off your console as soon as the end credits start as there is still some story afterwards. There are even two (very slightly) different endings depending on whether you pick up or not an object lying nearby...
.    When you play the game for a second time, you can understand what Yorda says (except on two occasions unfortunately) and you get a different hidden weapon than the first time (see next section). You also get access to a two-player mode, which is unfortunately the only disappointing thing in the game... the second player can attempt to play Yorda, but the playability is really bad, as you cannot see her as soon as she goes a few steps away from Ico, so you cannot even see what you are doing, not to mention that all she can do to defend herself is run, so in all cases she gets caught: if you stay motionless, she will get caught, and if you run about to save her, chances are she will get offscreen, then get caught because you cannot even see where to run. And when there is no fight involved, it still is too annoying to play her, as she runs twice as slow as Ico, so you always have to wait around for her (so as player 2 can see her) and will end up just holding her hand as before...
.    There is a hidden weapon in the game, which makes the fighting parts much easier and faster. The first time you play the game, it will be a mace. The second time, it will be an incredibly powerful sword of light, though double-edged as it only works when you hold Yorda's hand. Do not worry too much though, no one will ever be able to take her away when you are using that sword while holding her hand. Here is the first clue on to how to get it because it is impossible to find that one unless you have been told! There is a special tree that you must hit (it's located at the exit of a huge empty room in which you have to jump on a lever that propulses you very high and then climb on the walls for ages to open the door). That tree will then drop something. Then you will have to go back to the last room you were in and find the secret passage hidden there... now I leave the rest to you as it is silly to spoil riddles, and I only do so because in order to solve that one, you must at least know about the tree and passage!
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