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.    If you can't beat a boss, don't worry, you can either go to another world and come back when you're stronger, or keep fighting it until you're strong enough. The experience points are cumulated even if you die as long as you choose to continue playing after Sora's defeat. So even if you keep on dying, you can gain level. Sometimes though, it's just nicer to go visiting another world and come back later for an easy fight instead of spending ages in vain, I'll name Cerberus as an example of that! Also, the toughest bosses are optional (so you can choose not to fight them): the boss which appear in Agrabah's desert after you finish Hollow Castle, the Ice giant, Sephiroth and some ghost one in Peter Pan's world.
.    Jumps: some of them seem impossible at the beginning of the game. No point in insisting: they ARE! You gain the ability to jump higher later on (at the end of Pinoccio's world), then to do something really cool (but I won't spoil it) which allows you to get to even higher places (at the end of Peter Pan's world), so no point in wasting hours (and your self-control) trying to attain certain platforms until then! Same goes for the trinities, you gain the ability to use only one colour of them first, than another etc as you advance in the game. So you won't be able to activate some colours (like white and yellow) until very late in the adventure.
.    Sora: is the only playable character. He has to fight certain battles alone, including two big bosses's fights and some Colyseum's tournaments, so it is strongly advisable to give him alone all the stats increasing items. Similarly, try to have him deal all the fatal blows, as those are rich in experience points. However, do not neglect Donald and Dingo, as they are your only constant co-fighters. In some fights, their help is vital, if just as ennemy diversion or healing partners, so they should be strong enough to survive. Also make sure they have plenty of potions on them because they will heal you too, and good abilities activated (such as MP recuperation etc.) If you choose to play with the local characters (Jack, Aladdin, Ariel etc.), you will have to leave Donald or Dingo, that means the left partner will not gain much levels.
. Mogs will forge new objects for you when you have forged all the ones on their initial list. Once you have also forged the new objects, they will then allow you to forge Sora's ultimate weapon. You can only start forging when you get the ability to use the trio mark in the weapon shop. You will need a lot of objects to forge everything, so make sure to collect a lot of them during the story, in order to avoid running around for ages for them later on. Stronger monsters usually have the rarest items. The most difficult to find item necessary to forge many things is left by mushrooms. They won't attack you, but mime you what they need (if they are flying, they want a gravity spell, if they show you a light above their head, they want lightning etc.) Help them by sending the right spell on them several times, and they will eventually give it to you. Black fungus have it too, but they will poison you. Use the stop spell on them before they turn to grey (grey=invincible) and hit them repeatedly. If the spell missed, just retreat and wait until they turn back to purple.
Important items are left by the new monsters who appear everywhere after you complete the Hollow Castle so you'll need to go back everywhere to find everything. The best items are not dropped every time, so you will need to fight several times to find out what creatures has what item. Always have as many "rare items" ability activated in your characters. Each land (except Alice and Tarzan) has one rare item specific to it and which cannot be found anywhere else.
.    Talk to all the characters several times to obtain certain information, summon, spells and items. Cinderella's fairy will give you summon spells if you bring her summon gems. Towards the end of the game, Belle thus will give you one of Sora's best weapon and Aerith the strongest healing spell if you talk to them repeatedly in the library. (There may be other occasions but that's the only two items I found that way.)
.    There's a hidden sequence at the end of the game, after the credits. However, only players who have completed the following side quests will get this little bonus: all the Colyseum's tournaments must be won (but not the platinum and gold battles), all the dalmatians found (that gives you the strongest shell magic spell), all the keys locked, including the Colyseum's one and the one in Winny the Pooh (worth it just for the lovely sequence anyway). I'm not sure if all of those are compulsory, that is just all I personally did and I saw the sequence, but you may only need to lock everything.
.    Sephiroth is hidden in the game. He's not invincible, but must be hit a lot before his health starts diminishing, and he's very hard to beat. Even if they can't be bothered with taking the time to win against him, fans will appreciate just looking at the animation when he falls from the sky and dash with great dexterity across the place. Cloud (who has borrowed Vincent's cape), Yuffie (finally a chance to get vengeance in the Colyseum for her stealing your materia in FFVII!), Squall (as warm and tactful as usual), Cid and Aerith are also encountered along the adventure.
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