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plaie celeste    HP, MP, DP, PP, hit rates:
HP. Health points. Your life, when it comes to 0, you die.
MP. Magic points. Using magic spells cost MP. The more powerful the spell the more MP you need. If it gets to 0, you cannot use magic anymore.
DP. Damage points. The higher DP the higher efficiency of the weapon/armour.
PP. Phantom points. The higher the PP the higher the strength of the item. PP are the dark energy absorbed by a weapon whilst fighting. It decreases when you are in battle mode not fighting so as soon as a fight is over, leave battle mode. PP are used to mend your weapons. Weapons can only be created and repaired in forges.
Hit rates. When you aim at a monster, figures appear next to their various limbs. For instance, 30/100% means you have 100% of chance to suceed your attack, and 30 means the hit will roughly inflict the enemy a 30 HP wound. 0/0% is not good!
plaie celeste    Having trouble with some bosses? You're hitting them and always getting 0 or 1 HP damage on it even though your Risk is at 0? It just means Ashley is not strong enough yet. Then it is time to forget about your weapons. Attacking in those situations only makes you vulnerable as 100 blows will only increase your Risk and cause just a scratch to the creature. So, defend! There is a defense command (reflect damage) that allows you to send back half of the hit points you received from a blow back. That requires good timing, but all it needs is a little practice. So all you do in such battles is send back the attacks from the boss and heal yourself when it's your turn. If the boss hits 80 DP on you (classic), you'll send back 40 DP at once without even wasting your turn. That would have required you 40 successful hits of attack!
plaie celeste    As soon as you see a boss, get in battle mode straight away, even if you do not attack. Getting in battle mode takes out your shield and that may save your life. Also magic healing in battle mode gives back more HP than in normal mode. Dragons use magic only if you are not within their range of physical attack. So as soon as you see one, take out your shield and run close to it (even if you only intend to defend). Their magical attacks are much more dangerous than their physical ones, as just one can kill you on spot.
plaie celeste    Risk. What is it? Well, two words, it's: bad news! As your Risk increases, so do the damage you receive from attacks, whilst your chances of successful attacks diminish. However, your healing spell will give you more HP back, and you have more chances to give a critical (very powerful) blow. At Risk 100, you can get killed in one blow, and all your attacks will fail (0% of hit rate). It is best to keep it low. Problem is each action make Risk increase, even defensive actions, but the worst Risk costing is Chaining.
plaie celeste    Chaining: again a simple question of practice. You can hit several times during one turn, as long as you hit the button at the right moment, indicated by an exclamation point on screen. But! You cannot chain until you've gained that ability (after fighting the first boss) and you cannot chain the same way twice. Each "chain" is a particular attack you've assigned to a button. Say you have buttons A, B and C. You must put three different chain-attack on each button (from the menu). Then you must alternate them, for instance press: A, B, A, C, B. But if you repeat the same attack, say A, A or A, B, C, C, or get the timing wrong, the chaining stops. The more you chain though, the more you increase your Risk so careful!
plaie celeste    Defense works like chains. Hit the appropriate button at the right moment (exclamation point) and Ashley will perform the defensive action you associated to this button previously in the menu. You learn new chain/defense techniques from doing many successful chains.
plaie celeste    Break arts: special powerful attacks which consume some of your own life (HP) when you use them. You gain them from defeating a certain number of enemies. There are four different break arts to be obtained for each type of weapon. The more powerful the more HP it will cost you, though the damage on the enemy may not be stronger with the strongest attack. Break arts 1 or 2 may cause more damage to a monster than 3 or 4, so be sure to check out the hit rates before hitting.
plaie celeste    Weapons: you either find them or forge your own. They build a special strength against the type of creature you use them most against. So if you have a sword you use only to fight dragons, it will become very efficient against dragons, but it will become less efficient in the other categories. That's what the numbers mean next to the weapons, say dragon+30 means weapon very efficient against them, whilst dragons -40 for instance means weapons not efficient against them. So have at least three weapons. Use one for all undead, phantoms, evil. One for humans. One for beasts and dragon. (These three kinds tend to be in different places so you won't need to switch weapons often.) I would not advise using two-handed weapons for two reasons: they make your Risk go up faster, and greatly decrease both your defense (since you can't use a shield) and agility.
plaie celeste    Items:
Gems. Put them on your shield to increase your defense or on your sword to increase your attacks. They have all sorts of effects.
Potions. They can cure certain illnesses, give you back HP or/and MP.
Keys/Sceals. Some doors are scealed with magic, you will need special sceals to unlock them. Others with keys. But do not bother fighting for ages (like I did) a long way back to open all the locked doors as soon as you get a key/sceal, as later in the game, you gain the brilliant ability to teleport instantly to any save point!
Maps. Check them often in your inventory. They are very well-made and useful! They indicate where you are, what doors are opened, still locked, unlockable, and what key/sceal opens what where.
Magic scrolls teach you magic spells. Found either on some monsters or in treasure chests. Some chests can only be opened with the right magic or a certain key. You need to use them once as an item to learn them. There are shortcuts to use magic spells during fights on the L2 button.
Menu. You can access it even during battles to change your equipment, even your associations, access items, perform magic spells etc.
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