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triforce  Here are just a few tips to avoid great frustration in the game:
  boomerang It is possible to get a better sword for Link. Begin by talking again to the girl with the cuckoos as an adult.
  boomerang Make sure you have the fire arrows before entering the temple in the graveyard as they are necessary to get to the boss.
  boomerang If you use your keys on the wrong doors in the Gerudo's training center, you will never be able to complete it. So collect all the keys, then save your game before using them so that if you subsequently open the wrong doors, you can reset the game and open the other ones (the reward for completing the training is not very useful either as one stone of truth says).
  boomerang Some people can run faster than you can even ride a horse, honest, there is no point in insisting, you will see what I mean!
triforce  There are a few ways to heal Link when his life is about to end prematurely. First, there are many fairy fountains hidden underground and it is also possible to keep a fairy in a bottle so that it resurrects you once you have received a fatal blow. Then you can stand in front of the stem of a magic bean you have just planted and play the song of storms. The leaves will release fairies. Sometimes, Navi flies off and turns green. If you stand where she is and play the song of storm or the song of sun, a giant fairy may appear and refill both your life and magic meters. You can also get some revitalising milk from cows if you play them Epona's song.
triforce  The masks from the shop in Hyrule Castle Market Town can be sold for money, but you can also display them in the Lost Woods. As soon as possible, go to the clearing with the butterflies, fall in the hidden hole on top of which they fly about and wear the skull mask. You will be given a useful ability for this display. And if you need rupees, show them the mask of truth.
triforce  It is advisable to listen to people and to offer them your help as they will generally give you tips or useful items to thank you for your kindness. However, if you are determined to find out all the skulltulas, do it just for the fun and not for the reward because the last gift you get from the cursed father is a huge disappointment, considering how long and difficult it is to find them all. Well, it is still nice to save him though... Anyway, you should at least try to find the first fifty skulltulas in order to free the cursed brothers. They will also give you one useful item each to show their gratitude.
triforce  Most of the magic stones of truth do not give very useful information, and it seems like the most difficult to get to invariably have little relevant knowledge to provide but sometimes, they do know some valuable secrets. If they don't, just blow it up with a bomb and look at what happens. It won't get you anything but it is fun and stress relieving.
triforce  Try to find all the Great Fairies as their gifts to you are very helpful to Link. There are six of them and they are usually located near the dungeons. Navi will be flying and turn green next to them. Three of them can be found as a child, the other three only as an adult.
triforce  You can make up a tune and play it to the scarecrow in Lake Hylia as a child. Then, play it again to him as an adult. You may have noticed that Navi flies off and turns green for no apparent reason once in every dungeon. Play the same tune you played to the scarecrow and his brother will appear so you can grab on to him with the hookshot and get to otherwise unaccessible places.
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