Link and Volvagia
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   The player enters the game as Link, who is wakened up from a nightmare by Navi, a fairy sent by the Deku Tree to fetch him. This is an archetype of fantasy stories, with all the classical elements included: a brave knight with his horse and sword, a fair princess in danger locked in a gloomy castle, allies and foes of all kinds and they did not forget the essential giant flame-throwing dragon! The plot also borrows from the legend of Arthur and the Catholic concept of the Holy Trinity. Even though the game uses a very basic storyline of good versus evil as well as stereotypical images aforementioned, it is quite enjoyable, perhaps because of its very simplicity and innocence.
   This definitely is a beautiful game. The animated sequences are gorgeous and each time Link enters a new land, the player is shown a bird's view of the entire place (we assume, by Navi). A whole fantasy medieval universe was created for the game. Lands, animals, creatures, plants, villages and people were brought to life. It is always amazing how so much can be conceptualised and so minutiously designed to the point that a whole imaginary kingdom looks so realistic.
   This game is definitely something every kid should be growing up with (and adults too actually). It is quite an intelligent game and though it never gets so frustrating that you want to test whether or not a N64 can fly or not, it still features many puzzles and riddles. It also requires a very good sense of orientation. If you don't have any, don't worry because the team kindly thought about this and concealed a map and a compass in each dungeon, though in different places. There are a few side quests and mini-games which are facultative but usually enable Link to get items which greatly facilitate his progress. Navi also offers help and guidance as she flies towards most objects and indentifies their nature by changing her colour. If she turns blue, it means the person or animal are not a threat to you, yellow means danger (usually accompanied by a dramatic music) and green means there is a secret to be found or something to do about an object.
   Visually, the game is superb and features many wonderful visual effects of lights and colours as well as cinematographic camera moves which enhance the sensation of movements during the animated sequences. The kingdom of Hyrule was created in the smallest details and its various lands all have a distinctive appearance, from the luxurious forests of the Lost Woods to the desertic plains of the Gerudo Valleys. The water even looks so appealing with its light glittering blue that it is tempting to make Link jump into it way more than necessary. Another great sight is of the sun rising and then setting over Hyrule's field, with all its successive shades of light. The noise are very realistic and fun too. The sounds of Link's footsteps vary according to the surface he is walking on. The music is also beautiful, plus the player is granted the opportunity to play on Link's ocarina. Magic songs which he learnt previously can be reproduced, but it is also possible to improvise your own tunes for fun.
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