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fairy  The Southern Swamp:
Next to the Shooting game shop.
fairylight  "It seems the veranda door of the town's Stock Pot Inn has carelessly been left unlocked."
In the 1st House of Skulltulas.
fairylight  "The mask that can see into people's hearts and minds also seem to work on animals as well."
Kotake's Shop.
fairylight  "The Swamp Tourist Center will not accept photographs taken outside the swamp. But if you bring a photograph of the guide's son, he'll give you something nice."
fairy  Romani Ranch:
On Milk Road.
fairylight  "The spirit of a charismatic dancer who died in Termina Field dances there night after night."
Entrance to the ranch.
fairylight  "It seems Keaton, the ghost fox, plays trick in the grass..."
Next to the stable.
fairylight  "It seems that Kafei, whose whereabouts are unknown, is awaiting a letter from Anju..."
Cuckoo breeder place.
fairylight  "A torture device of insomnia called the All-Night Mask seems to be available at the Curiosity Shop..."
Dog's racing place.
fairylight  "It seems that drinking Chateau Romani makes your magic power last for three days..."
By a tree next to the dog's racing place.
fairylight  "The animal bandleader's mask seems to have the strange power of making young animals mature."
fairy  Termina's field:
Outside the astronomer's house.
fairylight  "The postman puts his delivery schedule before everything else, but priority mail is of even greater importance."
Next to Ikana's entrance.
fairylight  "It seems the hideout of Sakon, the thief, is tucked away at the edge of Ikana Canyon."
Next to Milk's road entrance.
fairylight  "It seems you can become a Milk Bar Member if you do a good deed at the ranch."
Next to the Southern Swamp entrance.
fairylight  "It seems the crows that fly near the town walls are fond of musical instruments."
Next to Goron Mountains' entrance.
fairylight  "Anju, the woman at the inn, is known for being careless and frequently mixes up guests."
Next to Clock Town's entrance.
fairylight  "The symbol of marriage, the Couple's Mask seems to have the power to calm and silence arguments."
fairy  The Goron Mountains:
Next to the Blacksmith's House.
fairylight  "A small, lost horse seems to have been taken in by Romani Ranch, south of town."
Path from Termina Field to the Blacksmith's house.
fairylight  "The gold dust won as the prize in the Goron Races in spring can be used by the smithy to forge a sword. Or it can be sold to the smithy for 40 Rupees, but the Curiosity Shop will buy it for 200 Rupees."
In Secret Passage next to the Blacksmith's House.
fairylight  "The frogs that are supposed to gather in the mountains when spring arrives are elsewhere. You need Don Gero's mask to bring them together. The frogs in Clock Town, the swamp, Woodfall Temple and Great Bay Temple make four..."
fairy  The Sea:
Great Bay.
fairylight  "The reward for Romani's nighttime assistant seems to be something that holds milk."
fairylight  "To get Evan to listen to Mikau and Japa's song from their music session, you should not try demonstrating it as Mikau. It seems if you pose as someone unrelated to the band and begin playing it, you just might get him to lend an ear."
fairy  Ikana:
fairylight  "If you use the Lens of Truth near here and speak to the man you find, you may earn a mask that can enable you to blend into backgrounds and move about without being noticed."
Ikana Canyon.
fairylight  "It seems the ReDeads that appear in Ikana Castle starts dancing when the Captain's Hat, Gibdo Mask or Garo's Mask are worn. But that does not change things much..."
fairylight  "The Fierce Deity Mask, a mask that contains the merits of all masks, seems to be... somewhere in this world."
fairylight  "Pamela, who lives in the music box house, comes out every two minutes when the music box is playing. But it seems she will also come out if she hears a bomb explode..."
fairy  Secrets of the Garo in Ikana Canyon.
fairylight  "The soul of the composer named Flat rests in Ikana graveyard. I have heard his brother, Sharp is here in Ikana."
fairylight  "To cross the valley of Ikana, aim at the river beasts with the arrowhead that freezes."
fairylight  "If one tries to enter the spring water cave without knowing the song buried in a grave, that poor visitor shall meet with disaster."
fairylight  "Every two minutes on every day, the girl in the music box house goes out to the dried well to check on something. But as long as the spirits are wandering outside her house, she dares not leave her home."
fairylight  "To revive the dried-up river on Ikana hill, you must go to the spring water cave."
fairylight  "To save the cursed human, his soul must be healed."
fairylight  "The well atop the hill and the well at Ikana's Castle inner garden are one."
fairylight  "As the Gibdos in Ikana's well have regrets and long to savor items from this world, they continue to wander about."
fairylight  "Most of that which the Gibdos regret can be found inside the well itself."
fairylight  "That which was acquired in Ikana Castle shall open the way to Stone Tower. That is all I know."
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