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fairy  Once again, here are my tips to avoid great unnecessary frustration in the game:
  fairylight  The Goron race must be completed on the first day because only the razor blade can be improved with the gold dust you win at the race and it takes one night to do first the razor blade, then another one to do the gold one, plus the blacksmith won't work on the last third night, so be sure you left your sword at the shop before the first night and can bring the gold dust before the second one...
  fairylight  skulltulas house in Great Bay has to be completed on the first night.
  fairylight  You can obtain a very useful mask from the cuckoos breeder in Romani ranch. Many masks can only be obtained by wearing another one...
  fairylight  There are two thieves in the game. The man Sakon and the bird at the entrance of Milk Road. All stolen items end up at the Curiosity Shop in Clock Town.
  fairylight  Look regularly at your bomber's notebook. It will tell you when interesting events happen, where, at what time on what day and what people are involved. Listen to the fairy as well, when she turns green, she is trying to show you something important.
  fairylight  If you cannot find some missing fairies in a dungeon, wear the Fairy mask (to be obtained from the Great Fairy in clocktown) and if the hair shimmers when you walk in a room, then it means there are some lost fairies there.
  fairylight  To beat the skeletons bosses in Ikana castle, a little clue: they will always come back to life no matter how many times you defeat them. So once you've beaten one, you must do something before he comes back to life. Keep in mind there is only one thing they fear...
  fairylight  To beat the boss in Ikana Stone tower, you will need a few green (magic refiller) potions or a bottle of special 'Chateau' milk (keeps magic meter full until next save).
fairy  Keep in mind that all dungeons will be back to their original state once you played the song of time so make sure you are completely through before playing it. Use every last seconds you have. If you are running out of time, make sure you destroy the boss first, then save and come back to pick up all the fairies again, this will save you the hassle of having to earn the boss key again. If you want to defeat a boss again, for example in order to cast spring back on the Goron village (which opens many possibilities: Goron race etc.), you do not have to complete the dungeon again. All you have to do is step in the blue light at the entrance and you will be taken straight to the boss's lair.
fairy  Finding all the lost fairies in dungeons is well worth the effort as you will always be rewarded well, but here is a list of the gifts so you may judge for yourself whether it is worth the effort. The Great Fairy from clock town gives you the magic meter and the fairy mask, the one in the swamp gives you the spin sword trick, the one in Snowhead an increase of Link's magic meter, the one in Great Bay stronger defense (reduces damages by half!) and the one in Ikana the fairy sword.
fairy  There are two ways to save your game. You can play the song of time. This will send you back to the first day and you will lose many items and all dungeons and side quests will go back to their original state, so it is quite a big handicap and it is advisable to use this method wisely. The second method is to save next to an owl statue. This will have no consequences whatsoever on what you have achieved so far in the game but don't forget to save again after you reopen it as the owl save system is not permanent. Games can be saved at any owl statue as long as you hit it with your sword first so you won't be able to save this way until you get Link back to a human form or if you have left your sword at the blacksmith shop to be sharpened.
fairy  Most gossip stones in this game give valuable information. The mask of truth, which enables you to read their secrets, is to be obtained by completing the skulltula's house in the swamp. Also read all signs, they will tell you what areas lie ahead. Maps of the five main areas of the land of Termina can be bought from Tingle, a green little guy floating about so keep looking for him in every new area you enter.
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