Link holding the Goron mask
The Skull Kid wearing Makora's Mask
Link as a Deku
Review of the game
   The player enters the game as Link, while this one is having a particularly bad day! First, he is unrecognisable as he rides in the forest, no longer a strong tireless hero, but a frail child, overcome with exhaustion and loneliness, as he is looking for a lost friend. On top of it, he gets attacked by a strange masked creature, who not only steals his faithful horse and ocarina, but also casts a curse on him, transforming him into a Deku shrub... and leaving him even more miserable and alone, in the company of a not-so-friendly fairy. As Link meets with the people in the neighbouring town, he learns that his masked attacker has been causing havoc across the country, thus generating much unhappiness and trouble. Not to mention that the moon is about to fall on this land and consume everything in only three days' time. As usual, Link quickly puts aside his own worries and offers his help...
   The land of Termina is very detailed and beautiful but closely resembles Hyrule Kingdom (from Ocarina of Time). The music is quite nice too and most pieces are original to this game, plus Link can play different instruments according to what mask he is wearing. The plot is actually quite innovative in a video game and is reminiscent of the film "Groundhog day" as Link constantly lives over and over again the same three days while other people do not. So it means that the player is running against time, quite literally. At the end of the three days, and before the moon crashes, it is possible to save so that Link goes back to the first day, but certain types of items will be lost and all unfinished dungeons or sub-quests will have to be redone completely. It is quite frustrating at first, but it does make the game both interesting and challenging, so perseverance and patience is well rewarded as it is a truly great game. This time though, the game does sometimes get intensely annoying. The level of difficulty of some side quests is very high and the player will have to redo most temples twice. But as aforementioned, it is well worth it and some riddles require quite a lot of thinking.
   The three day system has really been cleverly thought of and optimised to the maximum. It is challenging, at times frustrating but never too much. The most important objects and events are kept when returning to the first day. It is also possible to save without travelling back in time. The dungeons are easily and quickly recompleted once the player knows the riddles and where everything is, not to mention that compasses and maps are never lost when saving. The people met are included in a diary, in which is also written whether or not Link has solved their problems and at what time and what day important events will take place involving them (suggesting when the player should go and check out on them).
   Another great achievement is the development of the masks. They played a minor part in the previous game and their full potential has been well exploited here. Link can collect up to 24 masks, each with different powers, but not all of them are needed to finish the game, though some of them will greatly facilitate your quest. Three masks are necessary to complete the dungeons: the Deku, Goron and Zora's masks, which can alter Link's shape and abilities to those of the race whose mask he is wearing. This definitely is a very good idea as it adds variety to the game.
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